What Our Clients Say

This program helped me to clarify the types of roles I was interested in and then sift them to decide which options were most suitable.


The questions my coach asked were often challenging and forced me to think more deeply about my ideas and assumptions, but they also supported me to refine my research.


I ended up with a number of different options and felt much more informed and confident when making the decision to start re-training in my new field. I don’t think I would have made the decisions I have without this program – I’m so glad to have done this!



Vicky H.

The program took me on a journey from values to flow state to finding career roles that match my sense of meaning and purpose.


The program is not too short to cut corners on the ‘due diligence’ journey and is not too long to forget any steps on the journey.


Through each step of the journey there were well thought out tools, tips and tricks to arrive at a well considered due diligence approach to a career change.




Harry G.

When I started with Thriveherd, I was feeling really stuck and ready to throw in the towel.


Not only did my coach help me realise that I wasn’t stuck, they helped me find my voice and confidence to find a role where I can utilise my strengths and enjoy a fulfilling career again. 


Now I feel really excited!! I found my happy, energetic, positive self again.


Working with Thriveherd over the past several months was the best decision and investment in myself I have ever made. I encourage anyone reading this and considering working with Thriveherd, to go for it!! You deserve it!!



Laura Morgan

The experience has been phenomenal. It’s the single greatest investment we’ve made. 


Really accomplished, really professional – makes you understand and realise, at a deeper layer and level of understanding.


I’ve built confidence and quit my old job, and am now in the career of my dreams.



Not just career changing but life changing!


I felt directionless, uncertain and unhappy in my day-to-day work and with the career choices I had made over the past 10 years. My coach calmly supported me to untangle these feelings, enabling me to consider alternative ways of thinking and really understand what’s important to me.


4 months later, I’m about to start my dream job. And even more importantly, I’m going into it with confidence and conviction. Thank you!


I needed a change and a way out. PEP Talk helped me identify my priorities and my red flags. I was able to reflect and consider aspects I hadn’t even thought of before and create a Career Change Action Plan for the short, medium and long term.


I have successfully found a job in a new sector without much previous experience. I can say loud and clear that I feel very positive!


I am so thankful for all the support I have got through my journey with my coach. They witnessed all the steps I took and the obstacles I found along the way and our video sessions worked better than a session with a therapist. I always felt supported and encouraged. I can surely say you all went above and beyond. A huge thank you!


I wasn’t happy in my career and wanted to re-think who I was and how I can use this in a career that helps people in a meaningful way. 


With PEP Talk I went on a journey of self discovery, investigating who I am and where that person fits in this big wide world. Career change decisions can feel daunting and sometimes near impossible, but with the support from my one-to-one sessions, I found I had the confidence in my decisions and my ability to pursue meaningful futures. The program is challenging, rewarding, enlightening and refreshing, helping you tackle big decisions in a rational and bitesized way.


I now have a career plan for the short term and the long term, to help other people and to live an exciting and meaningful career and life.

Rob G.

I’d been through a particularly challenging few years, both personally & professionally, and knew that I needed to reassess the direction my life was taking, particularly given the change in the nature of my job since the pandemic.


 I’d never had really clear idea of what made me enjoy (or dislike!) my work, and had no clear idea of the way forward – all I knew was that I needed a change. PEP Talk helped me understand what really made me tick, then helped me consider the types of roles that would provide me with the fulfilment I was looking for.


Having now been equipped with a far greater understanding of my needs, I’ve been able to confidently move forward with a career change that will provide me with a more fulfilling job role – I‘m really positive about the future!

Simon, Kent

I had taken the decision to leave teaching to protect my physical and mental health, but didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do next. I knew I wanted a challenge but was wary of jumping into a new career, and I had very little idea of what jobs might be available or how to go about getting them.


I really am truly thankful that I took the plunge! PEP Talk led me to understand what matters most to me and my coach asked the right questions to really force me to think deeply and confront some unhelpful thinking I didn’t even realise I was doing which was limiting me. And before PEP Talk, I didn’t even know my new career existed..!


I’ve now got a new job in a meaningful area that I feel passionately about and which genuinely aligns with who I am as a person and what I want to do with my life. I am really excited about my career going forwards!

Steph Francis, Bristol

I had been in my job for 20 years and after a particularly challenging period really wanted to make a change. But I felt pigeonholed, I had no idea what I wanted to do, how my skills would transfer or how I would even get the process started.


My coach has been fantastic to work with, encouraging and supportive, helping to guide me without biasing my decisions. I’ve learnt that my skill set is actually vast, and I now understand how to reframe my skills so they apply to other roles.


I’m excited about what my future may look like and am confident that I’ve chosen a meaningful path that is right for me.

Hayley, Leeds

Having spent many years trying to find a way out of my current career, I felt I really needed an expert to help me navigate a career change. I now have a much clearer understanding of what I am looking for; what skills I have that could transfer to a different role; what might be holding me back and how I can move forward.

Sarah, Exeter

I had spent over 22 years in my job and was both moribund and institutionalised. I knew I needed to do something to break free. Over the course of my coaching sessions I have experienced an epiphany. Our work reignited the fire of confidence and hunger within me and has led me to a new path which I sincerely believe will be productive, satisfying and abundant. I am looking forward to the future!

Peter Doyle

I needed professional and unbiased support with career change. This program gave me a holistic overview of what makes me the person I am to inform my next steps. I have made some very important decisions and now have confidence to take action as a result. I have an action plan and a set of tools to go to if I need to make more changes or decisions.


I was unhappy in my job and wanted to assess my options. The program helped me think deeply about which options matched the kind of existence I would like.


We took a holistic approach, considering my career, financial and personal life aspirations. The coaching sessions helped me set a clear course for the next phase of my career.


As a result, I have inner peace. I have a clear plan and know in my bones that this is the right course for me. I would not hesitate to recommend this program to friends and colleagues – in fact, I have already done so! 


I was having sleepless nights, feeling unhappy and spread thin. I wanted a career change with good work-life balance, but didn’t know what I wanted to do or what was out there, or how to think about the financial transition. Coaching was hard work at times (!) but it’s helped me enormously – after PEP Talk, I have been offered a perfect stepping stone job in the industry I now know I want to work in. I’m very happy and excited about moving forward.

Andrew C.

My coach empathised, listened and questioned and held me to account on taking agreed action. As a result, I’ve become clear about what I want to do and also moved towards work-life balance. Thanks all and keep up the good work!

Neil Wheeler

Working with my coach, I have managed to make clear decisions that I wasn’t able to before. Without this work I would not have reached the point I have now!

Claire C, London

I was stuck knowing what direction to go in and lacked the confidence to make any changes. This program helped showed me who I am, what I enjoy and what I want from a career, and really challenged the way that I think. I’m excited about moving forwards now to a place where I am a lot happier!

Steve P

I wanted a career change but I was unsure what I wanted and what direction to go in. 

Now I know where I want to go, I know how to get there, and I have belief in myself. 


Bola O.

Before this program, I felt stuck in a career that no longer held meaning or satisfaction for me. 

One month after finishing the program I’ve been offered a role in my new career, working 100% from home. This could not have worked out any better! 

L Mortenson