Alex’s Testimonial

Career Coaching Testimonials

“the single greatest investment we’ve made”

“The experience has been phenomenal. Really accomplished, really professional.

Before the program, the Sunday blues were hitting me hard. People started noticing that I wasn’t my usual self. I was really not enjoying work, not wanting to go into work.

I was a becoming a shadow of my former self, quiet, down, kind of withdrawn, and just not happy, not loving life.

But I’d become institutionalised, and everything I looked at was always within the same kind of spheres in which I’d worked.

So I wanted to really do this career change justice, rather than scratch the surface with something superficial. I needed to do something of quality and that’s why I decided to go ahead with this program.

The program and coaching built my confidence and understanding in layers. As a teacher, I didn’t know a lot about what was out there or how to find it, but now I do!

And I had lots of fears about change, but this program and the coaching make sure you’re making really accurate, calculated decisions into the next steps.

It’s the single greatest investment we’ve made. It hasn’t just changed me and my life, but also the future for my wife and our kids.

So overall, it was incredible. Words can’t express! I’ve built confidence and quit my old job, and am now in the career of my dreams.

I enjoy doing what I’m doing. And my life is so much richer for that, as is my wife’s and my children’s, because I’m a happier, better person.”