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    Date: Wednesday 24 July

    Time: 12.30pm (UK time)

    Duration: 90 mins


    In this small-group workshop, we'll cover essential principles and techniques to tailor your CV and cover letter for each job application.

    We won't spend a long time giving you information you can readily find on Google. Instead, we will:

    • walk you through a 5-step CV tailoring and optimisation workflow
    • show you how to create a compelling value narrative
    • provide a 3-part formula to write your profile statement / personal summary
    • analyse an example CV and cover letter showing the principles in practice
    • apply the same principles to writing cover letters

    This will be part training, part activity-based. You won't fully create your CV or cover letter in the workshop, but take away the knowledge and understanding to do so independently afterwards.


    To prepare for this workshop, please:

    1. Bring your existing CV and a recent cover letter.
      Ideally they should be ones you've used together for applications.
      If you don't have these, or would prefer to start from scratch, that's fine.

    2. Bring an example job advert.
      This could be a job you've applied for, a job you'd like to apply for, or just a 'sample' role that you'd like to use for practice.

    3. Join by desktop.
      Wherever possible please avoid joining by mobile as you may be invited to share your screen, and you may prefer to have multiple windows open.

    4. Be willing to share
      ... your screen, information and ideas with the group.

    5. Agree to the group rules.
      Please read and accept the group agreement below.

    Price and Registration

    Price: £49

    Registration: Just register below and we'll send joining details closer to the time.

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