Get a career coach.

We help you move, grow and thrive.

Whether you want to change direction, climb the ladder, rebrand or boost your work-life happiness, a Thriveherd career coach can help you get there.

Your certified and experienced career coach will help you get unstuck to:

  • RChange, develop or progress your career for success and fulfilment
  • RReduce stress, improve balance and get work-life happy
  • RBuild confidence, polish your brand and sell yourself
Woman working happily on a sofa with a smile on her face, illustrative of career change coaching

Take control. Make change happen.

It’s never too late to make work and life better. It’s worth it, and so are you. We’ll help you to:

Change Career

  • NLaunch a fulfilling new career – and still pay the bills
  • NDiscover what's out there that would suit you
  • NTurn off career autopilot – tap dance to work

Progress & Perform

  • NPromotion, lateral moves, learning and growth
  • N10x your performance at work
  • N Create a 5-year plan to hit your career goals

Balance & Thrive

  • NReduce stress, avoid burnout
  • N Achieve true work-life balance
  • N Build confidence & self-esteem

Brand & Connect

  • N Polish your professional brand
  • N Build your network and influence
  • N Resolve conflict and tension
Career Coaching Testimonials
Career Change Testimonial

“The experience has been phenomenal.

I’ve built confidence and quit my old job, and am now in the career of my dreams.”


How a Thriveherd career coach can help

Some of the things our happy clients love about us:

  • One-to-one, bespoke sessions with a career coach
  • Structured coaching programmes and courses
  • Complementary strategies, resources & exercises
  • Ad hoc sessions and discounted packages
  • 100% online – work with us from anywhere
  • Experienced, supportive & challenging coaches
Career Coaching Clients

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What clients say...

Career Change Testimonial

I was unhappy in my job and wanted to assess my options. The program helped me think deeply about which options matched the kind of existence I would like.

As a result, I have inner peace. I have a clear plan and know in my bones that this is the right course for me. I would not hesitate to recommend this program to friends and colleagues – in fact, I have already done so! 

Anthony S.

Career Change Testimonial

Not just career changing but life changing!

Before coaching, I felt directionless, uncertain and unhappy in my day-to-day work and with the career choices I had made over the past 10 years.

Now, I’m about to start my dream job. And even more importantly, I’m going into it with confidence and conviction. Thank you!


Career Change Testimonial

I knew I wanted a change but was wary of jumping into a new career, and I had very little idea of what jobs might be available or how to go about getting them.

I’ve now got a new job in a meaningful area that I feel passionately about and which genuinely aligns with who I am as a person and what I want to do with my life. I am really excited about my career going forwards!

Stephanie F.